Thursday, April 30, 2009

New song: The Mystery of My Girl

"The Mystery of My Girl" by Timothy Chen Allen

I got a crazy feeling
I can't explain it to you
You'll have to feel it for yourself

You talk of mysteries we believe in
I got a mystery I'm seeing
This is the mystery of my girl

It's the way that she screams
And the way that she fights
And the way that she holds my hand all night
You just don't know my girl

She don't say things that she doesn't believe
And it makes me so mad that I want to leave
But I can't leave my girl

If your sweet illusion is a slamming door
That somehow leaves you gasping for more
You may have run into my girl

She don't make promises that she won't keep
And I can promise you you'll lose some sleep
Understanding the mystery of my girl

You don't have all of the strength that you need
And if you want to try be prepared to bleed*
I bleed for my girl

You can't understand and you never should try
But the thing is my girl makes me feel alive
She's a mystery my girl

She's my girl
You'll never get it my girl

My girl
She'd tear your heart out my girl

I got a crazy feeling
I can't explain it to you
That's the mystery of my girl

(*Apologies to Joni Mitchell)

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