Monday, April 20, 2009

New Song: Batman Loves Wonderwoman

Diana Prince" is Wonderwoman's secret identity here on Earth. Not to beat you over the head with the imagery, but Tim = Batman, Sonia = Wonderwoman, etc

"Batman Loves Wonderwoman" by Timothy Chen Allen
Let's take the Batmobile and just ride
Or throw a picnic in your see-thru jet plane
Alfred can hang out with Robin
While we're flying down the coast
The bad guys have to wait until tomorrow
Just need to talk with you

We're working hundred hour weeks
It seems that evil never takes a break now
It's like we have to save the world
But when's the last time we held hands?
This time I think we've got to save each other
Don't want to fight no more

No one ever has to know
Your secret here is safe with me
It doesn't matter where we go
As long as you are here with me

Up here at 30,000 feet
I swear to you my love for you's forever
Of that you can be sure
And when we both are old and gray
I'm sure by then that Robin will be ready
Leave it to him to save the day

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