Saturday, September 19, 2009

New song: Something about me I didn't need

"Something about me I didn't need" by Timothy Chen Allen

In the midst of the forest I buried the box
With the memory too painful to face
And tore up the map as I turned my way home
Swearing I'd not go back to that place

With the dirt on my hands and the mud on my boots
As exhausted I fell in my chair
As I closed my eyes I felt something was missing
Some old comfort of mine wasn't there

I left a part of me
Within your memory
Something about me that I didn't need
That's probably true

I left a part of me
Within your memory
With each passing day
It's better this way
I try not to miss it
The way that I try not to think about you

In the midst of the forest I found myself walking
I tried to remember the place
Where I'd buried the box with the memory that hurt me
The tears rolling down on my face

After hours of searching I came to the crossroads
Where I'd put our memory to rest
But the site was now empty
The marker was stolen
And nowhere could I find the chest

I left a part of me...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New song: Eres mi corazón

"Eres mi corazón" by Timothy Chen Allen

Eres mi corazón
Eres mi corazón
Lo que me dijiste anoche queda grabado en mi corazón por siempre

No te digo que todo se arregla
Un cuento en que comemos perdices
Tampoco el mundo no tiene sus hadas
Mi corazón
Eres mi corazón

Eres mi noche en blanco
Eres mi estrella fugaz
El frenazo que deja huella en la calle
Eres tú

A solas en casa
Te oigo la voz
Tan alta que los vecinos se asustan
Tan alta que siento las paredes temblando
Tan alta que gritas que tú me quieres
Eres tú
Mi corazón

Eres mi vida entera
Por bien o por mal
Te deje las llaves de toda mi vida
Encima de la mesa al lado tus gafas
No me las pierdes que no me quedan otras
Y son un pastón y no me pagan hasta viernes
Mi corazón

You are my heart
You are my heart
That thing you said last night is recorded in my heart forever
My heart

I'm not saying that everything works out
To be a fairy tale: happily ever after
But the world isn't without its magic
My heart
You are my heart

You are my sleepless night
My one shooting star
The squealing brakes that leave a tire track in the street
That's you

Alone in our house
I hear your voice
So loud that the neighbors begin to get scared
So loud that I can feel the walls begin to tremble
So loudly you tell me that you love me
It's you
My heart

You are my whole life
For good or for bad
I left you the keys to my entire life
On your bedside table next to your glasses
Please don't lose them, I don't have another set
And they cost an arm and a leg and I don't get paid until Friday
My heart