Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New song: Te he visto (I just saw you)

Sonia and I just lost a good friend. This is about her. Adios, Angeles.

"Te he visto (I just saw you)" by Timothy Chen Allen
Te he visto
En la sonrisa de mi hijo
Bailando en camino a la escuela

Te he visto
El eco de tu risa
En la vuelta de la esquina a mediodía

Y por mucho que me dicen que te has marchado
Te sigo viendo por aquí

Te he visto
En la sombra del puente
Que cruzaste conmigo
Te he visto

Te he visto
Y no consigo convencerme que es mi imaginación
Pero te he visto

Y por mucho que expliquen
Que los ángeles son de cuenta
No te quito de mi mente

Te he visto
Y aunque sigo con mi vida
Tomo pausa por un momento para sonreír

Te he visto
En las nubes subrayadas
Por los 747
En el atardecer

Y aunque no lo creyerían
Tu sonrisa me persigue
No consigo olvidarte

Te he visto
En el cajón que nunca abro
En el vaso olvidado
Te he visto

Te he visto
Y no quiero dejar de verte
Aunque ya te has marchado...

I just saw you
In my son’s smile
Dancing on the way to school

I just saw you
The echo of your laughter
Just around the corner at noon

And even though they tell me that you are gone
I keep seeing you around here

I just saw you
In the shadow of the bridge
You crossed with me
I just saw you

I just saw you
And I can’t manage to convince myself that it’s just my imagination
But I just saw you

And even though they explain
That angels are from fairy tales
I can’t get you out of my mind

I just saw you
And even though my life goes on
I take a moment to smile

I just saw you
In the clouds overhead
Underlined by 747’s
In the afternoon

And even though they wouldn’t believe it
Your smile follows me
I can’t manage to forget you

I just saw you
In the drawer I never open
In the forgotten glass
I just saw you

I just saw you
And I don’t want to stop seeing you
Even though you are gone...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New song: Flying kites on Tuesday

Daniel asked me to write another song about him and his mom.

Your eyes reflect a promise
I never thought that keeping would be wise
It's in your eyes
But we're flying kites on Tuesday
And nothing else could be as good as that

Nothing I know
Could compare to sleeping in a bed too small for three
The monkey in the middle here is kicking me
And I ain't got a good night sleep
Since the night that you were born

It's got away from me
Sometimes I wonder how it will work out
I don't know
But we're throwing sticks in Rock Creek
And nothing else could be as good as that

Nothing I know
And I'm not in any hurry to put on my shoes
The boy with sunshine in his hair don't like to lose
And the lady of the castle just got splashed from head to toe
How did it get like this?

Now I can't keep from yawning
And I'm sleeping before I can turn the page
Just can't go on
But your foot is in my ribs now
And I straighten up and read you three words more
Before I snore
Then you give up and you take the book away from me
The dogs are driving to a party in a tree
And I am dreaming of a place
Exactly like the place where I am now

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New song: Know the difference

"Know the difference" by Timothy Chen Allen
I'd like to think that I'm wrong
What I see in your eye
I don't really see
And this isn't goodbye
I did nothing wrong
And the glass didn't break
I won't go home alone
And my heart won't ache

But I'm old enough to know
Sometimes these things don't work
Ain't nobody's fault
No one's got to feel hurt
Start again next week
Sometimes we lose and we win
I think I know the difference

You think today's not the day
You've worked a real long time
Chasing demons away
You know the voices inside
Saying give him a chance
Sometimes those voices are fools
You're old enough to know
Don't want to break your own rules

But you're old enough to know
Sometimes life takes a chance
It isn't all win or lose
Sometimes it asks you to dance
Life don't start next week
This time it's holding your hand
You think you know the difference

I'd like to think that I'm wrong
That I'm not the right man
What I see in your eye
But now you're holding my hand
We don't have enough time
To make mistakes again
You could just drop my hand
I could just be your friend

But I've got a lot of friends
And they laugh at my jokes
But sometimes nights feel dark
And my hands feel cold
I don't need another friend
I need something more
I think you know the difference

Monday, May 4, 2009

New song: Maybeland

One day soon you'll buy all of your books from Borders, all of your electronics from Best Buy, and everything else at Walmart... oops, already there.

"Maybeland" by Timothy Chen Allen
I'm dreaming of all of the good dreams we had
I'm wondering how so good got so bad
I bought the house, I bought the dog
Now I'm moving it all
To Maybeland

Don't tell me you don't play the same game
Under our smiles our weaknesses all look the same
You gave to Greenpeace
You bought the ribbon
Now you're taking it back
To Maybeland

Back then my heroes all were the Angry Young Man
But my heroes got married and their timeshare's
In Maybeland

We need a cup of coffee
We all are asleep
Or we'll be counting ourselves
When we're all counting sheep

But Dole owns the coffee
And the cup is from Walmart
Jesus Christ owns a Starbucks
The grind's Maybeland