Thursday, April 30, 2009

New song: The Mystery of My Girl

"The Mystery of My Girl" by Timothy Chen Allen

I got a crazy feeling
I can't explain it to you
You'll have to feel it for yourself

You talk of mysteries we believe in
I got a mystery I'm seeing
This is the mystery of my girl

It's the way that she screams
And the way that she fights
And the way that she holds my hand all night
You just don't know my girl

She don't say things that she doesn't believe
And it makes me so mad that I want to leave
But I can't leave my girl

If your sweet illusion is a slamming door
That somehow leaves you gasping for more
You may have run into my girl

She don't make promises that she won't keep
And I can promise you you'll lose some sleep
Understanding the mystery of my girl

You don't have all of the strength that you need
And if you want to try be prepared to bleed*
I bleed for my girl

You can't understand and you never should try
But the thing is my girl makes me feel alive
She's a mystery my girl

She's my girl
You'll never get it my girl

My girl
She'd tear your heart out my girl

I got a crazy feeling
I can't explain it to you
That's the mystery of my girl

(*Apologies to Joni Mitchell)

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Song: Batman Loves Wonderwoman

Diana Prince" is Wonderwoman's secret identity here on Earth. Not to beat you over the head with the imagery, but Tim = Batman, Sonia = Wonderwoman, etc

"Batman Loves Wonderwoman" by Timothy Chen Allen
Let's take the Batmobile and just ride
Or throw a picnic in your see-thru jet plane
Alfred can hang out with Robin
While we're flying down the coast
The bad guys have to wait until tomorrow
Just need to talk with you

We're working hundred hour weeks
It seems that evil never takes a break now
It's like we have to save the world
But when's the last time we held hands?
This time I think we've got to save each other
Don't want to fight no more

No one ever has to know
Your secret here is safe with me
It doesn't matter where we go
As long as you are here with me

Up here at 30,000 feet
I swear to you my love for you's forever
Of that you can be sure
And when we both are old and gray
I'm sure by then that Robin will be ready
Leave it to him to save the day

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Song: I don't know if I love you (but I might)

This is about how I met Sònia. It's tough enough to tell someone you have a big crush on them, but it gets a lot more complicated when you don't really know how to speak their language. It seems to have worked; we've been married for almost nine years now.

This is one of the few Country and Western songs I've written. I never have owned up to it, but I like how clever the lyrics are in a lot of C&W songs (witness Barbara Mandrell's (sic) "Nobody"1 or even K.D. Lang's "Wash Me Clean"). I guess I still have a little Lumberton in me still.

You can listen to this in the player in the upper right hand corner of this site.

[1. NB: "Nobody" was performed by "Sylvia". Dang synapses.]

I don't know if I love you (but I might)

I came here to find you
But I don’t know who you are
I’ve been around this block before
Seeing the same tired faces
Wearing the same tired smiles
I know that here I won’t find you
No, here I won’t find you

I travelled to find you
But I don’t know just why
Don’t know the language
Don’t know the place
Don’t know the question that my heart’s been asking
But I know if there’s an answer
I’m hoping you know the answer

I don’t know,
But the moon is shining just as hard as it can shine
I don’t know
If your heart is breaking
But it’s surely breaking mine
And I don’t know if I can walk away
Without putting up a fight
I don’t know if I love you but I might

I’ve got to know you
But I don’t know where to start
My head is saying, “just walk away”
But if you could hear the words
That I’ve got here in my heart
I know that you’d know the answer
Yes, you are my answer

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Song: Leaning Forward

Inspired by The Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act
(you can listen to this song in the player on the upper right hand side of this page)

I can't meet you more than halfway there
I can only meet you halfway there
When I tried to do it on my own
I found I was alone

I can't do much more than hold your hand
While you're standing up I'll hold your hand
I tried leaning forward times before
And wound up face down on the floor

I know you expected Superman
Bur I'm already doing all I can
But if you want a guy to take you home
I won't leave you alone
We're almost halfway home
We're almost halfway home

I actually recorded two versions of this.  The first one had three vocal parts, rhythm guitar, and slide guitar.  I finished recording it and while it was converting to MP3, I started strumming and singing the melody... and realized it was a lot better without all of that junk on top of it.  One day I *will* write one with a slide guitar part, though...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New song: Nada es sencillo - Nothing is simple

Ayer por la mañana te miré la cara mientras dormias
Ayer por la noche te miré la espalda en el frio
Si hay algo en esta vida que he aprendido
Es que nada es tan sencillo como creo

Ayer mientras caminaba pensaba en una canción que escribiste
Ayer mientras trabajaba se me olvidó todo que me dijiste
Si hay algo en esta vida que he aprendido
Es que nada es tan sencillo

Ayer por la tarde nos sentamos en el suelo de tu piso
Intentando entendernos, riendo de las palabras que no sabía
Si hay algo en esta vida que he aprendido
Es que nada es tan sencillo como creo

Yesterday morning I looked at your face while you slept
Yesterday evening I looked at your back in the cold
If there is something in this life that I have learned
It's that nothing is as simple as I believe...

Yesterday while I walked I thought of a song you wrote
Yesterday while I worked I forgot all of the words you told me
If there is something in this life that I have learned
It's that nothing is simple

Yesterday afternoon we sat on the floor of your apartment
Trying to understand each other
Laughing at the words I didn't know
If there is something in this life that I have learned
It's that nothing is as simple as I believe