Monday, May 4, 2009

New song: Maybeland

One day soon you'll buy all of your books from Borders, all of your electronics from Best Buy, and everything else at Walmart... oops, already there.

"Maybeland" by Timothy Chen Allen
I'm dreaming of all of the good dreams we had
I'm wondering how so good got so bad
I bought the house, I bought the dog
Now I'm moving it all
To Maybeland

Don't tell me you don't play the same game
Under our smiles our weaknesses all look the same
You gave to Greenpeace
You bought the ribbon
Now you're taking it back
To Maybeland

Back then my heroes all were the Angry Young Man
But my heroes got married and their timeshare's
In Maybeland

We need a cup of coffee
We all are asleep
Or we'll be counting ourselves
When we're all counting sheep

But Dole owns the coffee
And the cup is from Walmart
Jesus Christ owns a Starbucks
The grind's Maybeland


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