Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stop what you're doing and go participate in history

Today is election day.  If you don't know that, you probably aren't registered and may as well go back to sleep.  Pleasant dreams.

For the rest of you, there is a great Google Map that will show you exactly where your polling place is, take you to the web site of your local board of elections, etc.

I got up at 5:00 am this morning and got to the polls at 5:30.  I was the first person at the polls, but within 15 minutes there was a line of 20, and when the polls opened at 7:00 am there were hundreds of people in line.  It made me damn proud to see how many people wanted to vote.

When I was in Seychelles as a Peace Corps volunteer, they had the first democratic elections after 17 years.  People went wild.  It was near 100% voter turnout, and might have ended up being more that 100% as many tried to scrub the ink off their thumbs and go back.

So who did I vote for?  If you've followed this blog for a while, you'll notice that I don't blog on politics any more.  Read this for further details.  In any case, I voted for who I thought was best.  Go do that, too, whoever you believe that may be.

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