Monday, November 10, 2008

Miniscule tiny short run/New Shoes/Beaumont!

I ran here in Austin two days ago in the Walnut Creek Park.  It was a really pretty run, but my left calf started acting up just before I stopped (well, about three miles before I stopped).  When I got up yesterday, I had planned to go out for a long run-- I had a route mapped out for 22 miles.  My calf just said nooooo.  So I took the day off.

But I did have a stroke of good luck yesterday afternoon.  I had gone to Rogue Running, aterrific  running gear store here in Austin, in search of a long sleeve shirt to run in.  It is colder here than I expected!  I didn't find a shirt, but in the SALE pile, I found a pair of Montrail Vitesses for $30.  It was like finding the trail running holy grail.  I was checking them for nails inside and stuff-- I just couldn't believe it.  Of course I bought them, feeling very smug about wearing my $30 Montrails!.

I went out for a run this morning-- I meant to go for an hour and a half.  But as soon as I stepped out the door in my new $30 Montrails!, I realized there was a problem.  My left big toe was banging right up against the end of the shoe.  Darn, I thought (hey, this site is PG).  So I cut the run short right at 30 minutes.

At lunchtime I was able to take the shoes back to Rogue Running.  They took them back and gave me another pair of $30 Montrails! in exchange for free!  Fantastic!  Incredible!  No Sh*t!  So I left feeling doubly smug and very happy about life in general.  So if you're ever in Austin, go buy shoes or something at Rogue Running Gear.

When I got back to the FEMA shop, it turned out that the folks at the FEMA shop in Beaumont had requested someone to come do what I do.  So I'm going to go there early tomorrow morning and go do what I do there.  It will be cool, with any luck I'll be able to swing through Lumberton and see my buddy Troy and see my cousin Becky and brother Pancho in Beaumont.


  1. woah! New shoes are awesome.. CHEAP new shoes are triply awesome! Nice score!!

  2. Ah, yes, and it was especially sweet that they exchanged them, no questions asked, when I figured out they didn't fit.

    They're nice shoes, too. Once my calf is feeling better I'm anxious to take them out for my long run.


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