Saturday, November 8, 2008

Austin Trail Running

I'm still in Austin working on Hurricane Ike for FEMA. I'm staying at a hotel right across from Austin's Walnut Creek Park. I finally managed to get out for a run this morning in the park. We've been working 14 hour days since I got here, and I'm just now getting adjusted to that.

On the map the park doesn't look like much. On the ground, though, it has some really terrific trails. The trails are for real, too-- they aren't glorified sidewalks. I was having to slow down a lot to get down some of the bigger downhills without falling face first. I really enjoyed the run.

I got kind of lost out there and was having a hard time finding civilization-- a perfect thing to have happen on a trail run. But I needed to get back to go to work (we're working 7 days a week now). I finally broke out and headed toward the highway. I ran along and saw several things on the side of the road: a second hand tire shop ("Llantas Usadas Fiables")... then I saw a spent shotgun shell... and finally a flattened armadillo road kill.

I love Texas.

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