Sunday, November 4, 2007

National Novel Writing Month Day 3: Sleepy but made quota

Today was the first time since I started NaNoWriMo that I didn't write in the morning. I didn't plan it out too well this time. I kept meaning to sit down and write, but Daniel woke up, then we had to go play for a while, then this that and the other. Finally, Sònia and I went out to dinner with friends, and I had still not sat down to write. I knew this meant trouble.

You see, I have consistency issues about my hobbies. There have been times in my life when I have had a very consistent running habit, for example, only to miss a couple of days, then realize that I had not returned to running for several months. So missing a day's writing could add up to not finishing out the Novel Writing Month for me.

So when we got back home from dinner, I told Sònia that I was going to have to sit down and write, like it or not. So I did. I needed to up my total word-count to 5001 words. Fortunately I had written a little extra on Friday, so I didn't have to make the whole 1,667 words tonight.

I'm happy to say that I made quota: 5,005 words. I fell back on that old tried and true formula: personal experience. I've got a pretty good mix going on fictional elements and stuff that actually happened to me. One good thing about being 43 is that a lot of stuff has happened to me. I hope I've learned my lesson. I feel pretty tired now and need to go to bed.

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