Thursday, November 15, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 14: 20,338 Words

My lovely wife, Sonia, has patiently allowed me to write during our normal DVD viewing time for the past two nights, allowing me to almost catch up with my word count (I should be at 14 x 1,667 = 23,338 words).  It's still not great, but definitely do-able.  Also, a quick check of the NaNoWriMo founder's web page shows him at only 17,905 words, so I feel like I'm doing okay.  Day 15 is the halfway point.  As I understand it, things should actually get easier from this point on.

The novel is definitely set at the Naval Academy right now, which I didn't really expect (hell, it started out in the UnderDark world of Dungeons & Dragons).  As if I hadn't stressed this enough, you should definitely try doing this.  I have had to take a hard look at some of my old memories and realize the complexity of some of them.  Almost no experience in this life is 100% good or 100% bad.  Trying to extract detail out of my memories so I could make my precious word count has forced me to relive some of what I had considered the worst times in my life and made me remember that there were positive elements to all of them.

Aside from that, my support network has been positive so far, and the people I have told about it have said they'd like to try it (if only to humor me).

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