Monday, October 6, 2008

A little medical story

Predictably, I didn't get away with my three and a half hour run without injury. My lower back can be a little iffy, and running that much makes little imbalances really turn into big deals. So I limped over to the chiropractor.

As usual, they required a medical history. They asked about previous injuries and operations. I thought a while and wrote:

  • snakebite (11 y/o)
  • trauma to base of neck from a failed somersault (no fracture)
  • 75% rupture to knee ligament (ACL) from Tae Kwon Do accident
  • shoulder injury (pickup football)
  • elbow injuries (both elbows; fell down stairs)
  • strangled (fist fight while in Peace Corps)
  • nostril pimples (just kidding)
Two things occurred to me: 1) The doctor was going to think that I make my living as a (small) Ultimate Fighting Championship guy and, 2) It's pretty much a miracle that I'm alive.

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