Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lighter week running (so far)/Look out for overtraining!

This week has been a little lighter running, so far.  I was ready to run 21 miles on Tuesday night-- it would have been from FEMA on to the entire Capital Crescent Trail, then back down Connecticut Ave to home in Woodley Park.  But Sonia called just as I was getting to Bethesda and she wasn't feeling well.  So I hopped on the metro at Friendship Heights and hurried home.  I fixed dinner and put her in bed and the next morning she was doing a lot better.

So that night was just 13 miles.  Today I hit the gym and lifted, nothing crazy.  I'm thinking about trying to alternate long and short weeks and fill in in the gym on my shorter weeks anyway.  Like I said to Sonia, it's likely that I'll just end up doing long weeks and going to the gym anyway.  No, seriously, I just read a great article in this month's TrailRunner Magazine about overtraining.  Pretty scary stuff-- if you really ignore it, you can get great things like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!  So get your sleep and eat enough.

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