Thursday, October 9, 2008

I don't do anything halfway!

I went out for a two hour run yesterday. I ran for about an hour on the mall and out to Rock Creek Parkway up to Dupont Circle, then made my way back to the mall at the State Department, ran very fast with my friends Mike and Kevin for about 40 minutes, and then ran back home to Woodley Park.

Sonia asked me last night if it was healthy for me to run that far. She suggested that I take a more moderate approach. I thought about it for a moment and laughed, "but I just don't do things that way!" It's true. I don't just learn Spanish and decide to order in Spanish in Mexican restaurants-- I move to Spain for five years and marry a Spanish woman. I don't just decide to take a weekend bike trip-- I out of the blue decide I'm going to ride from Natchez, Mississippi to Washington, DC.

I just seem to have a history of spontaneously doing crazy, over-the-top stuff. This probably qualifies me for some kind of weird mental disorder.

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