Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Squats: How the (not-so) Mighty are Fallen

Daniel and Daddy

Golds Gym over here by FEMA headquarters gives us this terrific $15/no initiation fee deal. Terrific. I've been holding off getting a gym membership because I mostly see myself as a runner. Anyway, I finally ponied up and got a membership-- at very least I can go running at lunchtime instead of getting up at 5am every day to go.

Well, I thought I'd do something simple: squats. I really don't think there's much point in striating the itty bitty muscles on the third head of my triceps when my core muscles are weak. And oh goodness they're weak. It's important to know that I have hurt myself before. I reckoned, hey, I'm a 44 year old married guy: no one to impress. So I went in and did squats with an empty bar. I mean, I run 25 miles a week, I should be able squat an empty bar, right?

Well, not so much. I did one set of 20 reps with nothing on the bar. It was okay, felt a little tired there at the end. I thought, well, I'm good, I'll do another set of 20 and call it a day. I did about 12 more and then my butt started complaining about it. I pushed on through, racked the bar (which I might remind you was completely bare, empty and in no way carrying weight) and my thighs just said, "hey, you're really going to regret this."

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