Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daddy's Crazy 46-Miler: One month to go!

I'm down to one month to the day until I run the Daddy's Crazy 46-Miler. I think I'm a lot better trained this year than I was for last year's 45. I've done a lot more long runs, and my longest training run was 35 miles. I found my biggest trouble happened last year after I got over my longest training run distance.

I've had some patellar tendinitis problems in my left knee, probably due to some of my poor technique in parkour. I've been using The Stick, and that seems to be helping, and I just got a foam roller today. I tried it out on my IT Band-- man, did it hurt! Apparently, that pain is a sign that I really needed it.

I will have a flyer out tomorrow with details of the run and how to donate to Oyster-Adams Community Council in support. And tomorrow I'll be taking advantage of my day off from work to run 26 miles-- just two long runs to go before I do the 46!

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  1. Definitely roll your IT bands, but also the rest of your leg, particularly your quads, hamstrings, glute, and TFL. They all contribute a bit to the dynamics of the patella. Some of those areas are hard to hit with the Stick, so the foam roller works better. And once you get use to the foam roller, upgrade to a RumbleRoller ( It gets in deeper and does more to improve muscle quality.


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