Sunday, July 5, 2009

New song: Sleep this day away

I'm awake
But I'm dreaming of your face
Some other kind of place
I would rather be
Please don't ask me
If I want to stop dreaming

Tie me down
I know damn well I should be
Wide awake
It'd be a big mistake
To go back to sleep
I can't help it
I just keep on
Wishing I could keep on dreaming

Don't wake me up
I'm sleepy tired
And my head's started aching
I won't be waking
Before midday today
I'll sleep this day away
If I could only find a way
To go on dreaming

Wake me up
'Cause you're a dream
That's just too good to be true
I'm not with you
And that's the way it must be
I'll never be free
As long as you are just a dream
That's dreaming about me

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