Saturday, July 11, 2009

New song: Icarus wing

I am not afraid
But I am alone here
If I were to fall here...

This place is not so high
But high enough to hurt me
There is no hand to catch me
If I were to fall

Everything is still
The air is filled with sweetness
The tide flows out beneath me

Now I'm flying
Over rooftops
Gravity talks
But I am not listening
It cannot touch me here
The ground must forget me here
If I were to fall

You look up now
You would not see me
I'm high overhead
And gaining momentum
The sun reaches out a hand
I'm not afraid of falling
But if I were to fall

The world is moving fast
The sky catches my wings now
My feathers fall away now

I am feeling calm
The sun shines on the river
The air is filled with sweetness

The final moment comes
I know the ground will catch me
I knew that this would happen
If I were to fall

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