Sunday, June 17, 2007

10K Route starting in Center City, Philadelphia

To be honest I haven't been very constant about updating my running log, and with good reason. I've become extremely consistent about running 20 minutes every morning, basically the same route every day. My blog would consist of entries that basically said, "I went running".

But this morning I found such a nice route that I thought I'd write about it. I started out for my basic 20 minute route, but it was such a good day that I decided to stretch out and run for an hour. I should mention that I went to a barbeque yesterday and ate about five times what I meant to (damn chocolate), so I think I was trying to run that off as well.

The route is almost exactly 10 kilometers starting in Center City, Philadelphia. It's dirt simple: starting from Broad and Lombard, run East on Lombard (crossing Juniper, 13th, 12th, etc). Turn right onto Front Street, near the water. Continue down Front until you get to Oregon Avenue, past the IKEA. Turn right on Oregon Ave and run until you get back to Broad. Turn right again and run back to Broad and Lombard. I've put the route up at

This probably isn't the greatest route ever to run at night time, as Oregon Avenue and Broad both have some kind of iffy areas. But during the day you get to see the diverse life of South Philadelphia. You can hum the theme to "Rocky". Good stuff.

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