Thursday, February 22, 2007

28:18 - 7th & Arch to 17th & Lombard (3 miles)

A nice, fast run. I had taken two days off, which does not quite fit with my plan, but I had been feeling pretty beat up. Maybe I need to take three days off a week for now. It occurred to me that even though we live in one of the largest cities in the US, our lives play out in a quadrangle bounded by Washington Ave, Water Street, Vine, and 21st Street. Daniel goes to school out by the Art Museum. Other than that, we pretty much stay in here. That's kind of nice. I listened to the sounds of Philadelphia as I ran back; the saxophonist, the homeless guys asking for money, people speaking Chinese and German... I was in love with the sounds of my city. When I passed through the tunnel by Reading Market and Fillmore, a trucker blew his horn at an indecisive motorist and left me deaf for a few minutes. The bad with the good, I guess.

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