Friday, April 21, 2006

A USNA Companymate killed himself

I got some bad news this morning. One of my companymates and a member of my class at the Naval Academy killed himself.

We lived a couple of doors apart-- never really got along too well. He always seemed angry at me when I was around. At 18 I didn't understand that maybe that was more a sign of a deeper suffering.

I talked with one of my roommates from the Academy this morning for the first time since graduation (20 years ago in May!). It was good to hear from him, and get emails back and forth to another classmate.

It really made me think about those four years at Annapolis. There were some amazing people there. I always felt a little inadequate in comparison. I talked with a friend of mine this morning who pointed out the insanity of this. It's important to appreciate the gifts we are given.

No one understands what our classmate did. I hope his family is... I can't imagine that his family is okay.

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