Monday, April 17, 2006

Bikram Yoga: You better breathe!

This is my third week doing Bikram Yoga at Bikram's Yoga College of India in Philadelphia ( I'm going three times a week now.

On Friday I went with Sonia for our weekly yoga date. For some reason I lost control of my breathing about a quarter of the way through class. I just started panting. Considering that this is a 90 minute class, that's pretty serious. I had a solid core of pain right in the center of my body for the last hour of class. I didn't really catch my breath until about an hour after class. It wasn't pretty.

When I went into class this morning I promised myself to concentrate on my breathing, even if it meant I'd do less on the poses. I really watched it, controlled it, modified the pose if necessary to be able to control my breathing. When I finished class, I felt great. Oddly enough, I got even deeper into the poses than last time. I guess it *is* all about breathing.

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