Wednesday, March 8, 2006

The Katrina Tapes

I thought I had just about written my last Katrina category blog. Guess I was wrong.

I just watched the tapes of the President's briefing four days prior to Katrina hitting New Orleans: . I dunno. Go watch them yourself.

The tape of the White House Press Secretary shows Scott McClellan attempting to spin this somehow to say that the President was blameless. I'm tired of that. Even I was not blameless in this-- there were things I could have done to better ensure my family's safety. I could have done a lot of things better.

That's why it makes me angry to see the most powerful man in the world dance around like a fly girl trying to convince us that he never did a damn thing wrong. Everyone knows he screwed up-- it just makes him look like a liar on top of it for him to claim that he didn't. The kind of excuse making I'm hearing out of the White House in that press conference had a name when I was at the Academy: Sea Lawyering. It's not owning up to one's responsibilities because of some loophole. It's trying to pin a company-level screwup on some PFC in the third rank. It's not being President-- it's just cowardice.

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