Thursday, March 23, 2006

39:45 South Philadelphia Loop - Chelsea Williams

It's been a while since my last run, and o lord could I feel it. I was about to go microwave some couscous when a tiny voice in my mind reminded me that I am 41 and will quickly become a tremendous lard-ass if I just eat and never exercise.

I found Chelsea Williams through a friend of a friend. She's a busker in Los Angeles. Man, busking must be tough in Los Angeles if this is the level of quality. I busked quite a lot in Barcelona, and I always thought I was pretty good, but I suck by comparison.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to download more than two of Chelsea Williams's songs, so I filled out the rest with standbys. Here was my playlist:

  1. Undecided - Chelsea Williams

  2. This Will Be - Chelsea Williams

  3. Te Recuerdo Amanda (I remember you Amanda) - Jose Mercé

  4. La autoradio canta (The car radio sings) - Miguel Bosé

  5. Dime quién soy yo (Tell me who I am) - Niña Pastori

  6. I'm Digging Your Scene - Dr. Robert

  7. Springtime for the World - Dr. Robert

  8. Telephone - Zap Mama

I got into some flamenco today (Jose Mercé & Niña Pastori). And the Miguel Bosé song was a favorite from 1996.

The Dr. Robert songs are from a new acoustic album coming out from the former singer of "The Blow Monkeys".

The run itself was very hard-- I got really tired about halfway through. Not out of breath, oddly enough, just generally worn out. My god I'm an old fart.

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