Saturday, January 28, 2006

How to read your email from Telnet

This is kind of a
stupid pet trick. But it does have two good purposes: 1) You can go in and
delete large spams, big image files sent by the intelligence-challenged, etc,
and 2) It scares the hell out of analysts and other functional consultancy
types: (I'm assuming Windows 2000 scenario here, but the only difference
in commands on other systems is the connection to port 110 and setting local

  1. Start up a command line

  2. telnet

  3. set LOCAL_ECHO

  4. open 110

  5. user foo

  6. pass bar

  7. list (to list out the messages you have)

  8. top 11 30 (print the first 30 lines of message 11)

  9. dele 11 (delete message 11)

  10. quit

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