Monday, January 23, 2006

21:21 - Chinatown (2.47 Miles)

I decided to resurrect my Nike SDM Tailwind foot pod. It's a tiny little pedometer that reads off your mileage and time. Neat. Supposedly 97% accurate.

The run was uneventful, just doing loops, until I ran past a car with the distinctive "I CARE" bumpersticker from New Orleans. As it so happened, the driver was just getting out of the car and I asked her if she was from New Orleans. She was. It is to her merit that a strange sweaty man could come up to her and slur out, "yuhfrumnorlins?" and she could answer.

She had evacuated, just like us. Her family was from Philadelphia, and although her house made it through just fine, she had decided not to go back. We talked about why we decided to stay, and how we both had felt guilty about making it through the storm so well when so many had not.

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