Wednesday, November 30, 2005

25:38 Ben Franklin Bridge (big fall) - Zap Mama/Seven

I was really cooking on this one-- something about Zap Mama that makes you run fast. It made me remember the stuff we used to listen to when I was in Peace Corps two zillion years ago. Actually, I started my Peace Corps tour in 1991, so its been 14 years. That means that I've been out as long as some of the returned volunteers were who gave me recommendations (who has started their tours in 1977). My entire life conspires to make me feel ancient.

Anyway, I got enthusiastic about running back the downhill side of the bridge and was just about to go into red-shift when I tripped over my feet, fell, and left a nice red skid mark on the pavement. I rolled when I landed, which is lucky. I knew I had hurt my knee, but didn't want to look down, so I just got up and kept running.

I passed a lady in the street who looked down at my knee and winced-- then I knew that I had done a pretty good deal of damage to it. In the end, I took a lot of skin off of the kneecap. Yipee.

Zap Mama is great. She does a lot of vocal instrumentation (like Petra Hayden). My favorite tracks were "Nostalgie Amoureuse" and "Telephone".

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