Friday, November 25, 2005

23:00 South Street to Market with Daniel

Since Daniel was a very little baby, I have gone running with him. pushing him in a baby jogger. We used to do two hour runs from Guinardo to Parc Güell in Barcelona: he would sleep, I would run, and his mom would get a welcome rest-- win-win-win.

So one of the things that I was really waiting for in our truck from New Orleans was our baby jogger.

Daniel and I just took a spin up Juniper from South Street to Market and went past the Marriott Courtyard hotel that was our home for a few weeks after we evacuated New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It was really cold yesterday, about 27F, so Daniel was bundled up and under a blanket. I love running with Daniel. He encourages me to run faster, and we make up crazy dinosaur stories, though now he really wants to talk about Power Rangers. My consession to all of this is that I've taught him to say, "violence doesn't solve anything" (Me: Hey Dan, what do you know about violence? Dan: It doesn't solve anything). To be perfectly honest, it's one of those sayings that I really don't understand, and I'm hoping that it Daniel gets started thinking about it early enough, he'll have a grasp on it by the time he's my age. One of the nice things about being a parent is that I get to impart my values on Daniel-- even the ones I'm not sure I've understood well myself.

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