Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New song: Wired differently

"Wired differently" by Timothy Chen Allen

I learned something about you
You're just wired differently
Some of what you see so clearly
I'd need a telescope to see

And I could build a spaceship
And try to fly to the moon
But by the time I get you
You and your wiring move too soon

And if I yield to your wiring
I only start to feel confused
All of my breakers blowing
All of my circuits melt their fuse

Compared to you
My CPU's held in with electrical tape
I try and I try to replace it
But the circuit pins start to break

But that's just how I like it
I'm wired differently, too
And when my system's in complete shutdown
My only warm restart is you
Waiting 'til my meltdown's through
'Til my command prompt comes back
Waiting in the green screen glow
Sorry, I know my drives are slow

And that's not the end of the story
There is no manual for you
I know if I called the help desk
The late night technician never heard of you
Sometimes I feel a fool
Standing next to you
But my wirings in your hands
But you're just wired differently
That's the story of you and me
Don't take a CRT to read it
A kid with a slide rule could see it

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