Monday, October 22, 2007

VBScript: How to ensure the script is running from the command-line

There is a pretty awful feeling when you're debugging a VBScript that produces hundreds of lines of output, and you absent-mindedly double-click the VBS icon and it starts producing message box after message box. When you do this, you are pretty well stuck. You either go to task manager and kill the wscript.exe instance (and pray it doesn't mess anything up) or click "OK" a few hundred times.

If you put this little piece of code at the beginning of your VBScript, you can avoid this:

'check that we're running from cscript
if lcase(right(Wscript.FullName, 11)) <> "cscript.exe" then
wscript.echo "Please run this using cscript"
wscript.quit 0
end if
' Okay, proceed with the regular program
for n = 1 to 1000
wscript.echo n

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