Sunday, July 8, 2007

Running with the DCH4 in The Sticks, Maryland

One of the few benefits of having Sònia and Dan go to Spain every Summer is that I get a little more freedom to get down to DC to see old friends and run with the DC Hash House Harriettes and Harriers (DCH4). I began running with this group when I was a young Marine stationed in Arlington, VA in 1989 (that's 18 years ago). The last time I ran with them was last year when Sònia went to Spain.

This was a farewell run for Mother Chalker, a great guy I've known since the very beginning. He co-hared with Sounds Like Pushy and her kids. The trail was excellent: a lot of brambles, a lot of poison ivy, a little getting wet (which was welcome in the 92ºF weather). Great food, too, top notch stuff.

I got to run with Bobby Long Hare, another guy I've known from the very beginning. After five knee surgeries he's still running really fast. It was fun catching up with him on the trail. I also chatted with Deb and Lynn about living in Anacostia (which would have been unthinkable ten years ago) and life in DC in general. Funny how things have changes so much since I was there. Funny how so much has stayed exactly the same as well. I talked with Amelia Airhead and Slow Man for a while about old times and poison ivy (always a great topic at the hash). I saw Dragon Lady, which was wonderful; she and Charlie really helped me out when I was fresh back from Peace Corps. Leisure Suit Larry told me about a book he started writing with his dad that he is finishing by himself now-- I'm always fascinated to hear about someone actually writing a book and getting it published.

I ended up pulling out the guitar and singing for a while with Sushi, who has a great voice. Kind of like Joni Mitchell. We did a bunch of old stuff. I'm finding that the songs I learned before I turned 25 are rock solid in my memory but the more recent stuff slips away more easily. What a drag it is getting old. Sushi teaches children using music. We talked about how Daniel and I mess around with the guitar together. The hash is great for stuff like that.

Anyway, a really good day. I was scratched, sweaty, exhausted, full, and happy when I got in my car to drive back to Philadelphia. Great day.


  1. You're a runner! Very cool. : )

  2. Yup! I do about 20 miles a week. I used to do about 40, but (*put standard lame excuse, something about knees or having a kid, here*). :).

    Thanks for the pointer on photos, I can't believe I missed that before! Now I can convert everything over! Take care.

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