Tuesday, July 11, 2006

19:07 Around Old City (2.2 Miles) - Els Pets/Miguel Bose

It's hot today. I actually like running in hot weather. When I was in Barcelona it would be cooking in the summer and I would freeze a water bottle and go running with it. The doctors say that this is what caused my last embolism... no, seriously, it was okay. Barcelona was just beautiful to run in-- I would run up over the hil from Guinardo into Parq Guell with Daniel in the baby jogger. I miss those days.

I went out and did a loop through old city today. It's pretty here, too, but in a different way. People looked at me like I was nuts running in the heat, and I guess I was.

I listened to Els Pets and MigĂșel BosĂ© on the MP3. Guess I miss Spain a little.

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