Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Bikram Yoga: Two months

I've been practicing Bikram yoga since March 29, 2006. That's just over two months now. I've been going three times a week since then. I haven't written much lately, but things have been happening. For example, about three weeks ago my left knee popped when I got overly ambitious during the toe stand (Padangustasana). It's just now starting to feel pretty good again, and this morning I tried, cautiously, to get into the pose again. I didn't get all the way in, but nothing popped this time.

I've been doing maitenance for the studio's web page (http://www.bikramphiladelphia.com). That's been fun, and something I'm actually more or less good at.

I understand that yoga is slow-- it may take years to see changes. That's okay. I still see short term changes that I like-- I'm a lot more flexible, my balance is better, and I lost six pounds. That's all good.

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