Sunday, February 5, 2006

45:00 Southern Philadelphia with Daniel

We have house guests (Angeles and Jerry-- the third series of house guests since Katrina!), and Dan and I had been horsing around playing Power Rangers all morning while the Spaniards sat and chatted. We got bored, so I whispered, "psst... let's get out of here and go running". Dan whispered back "okay!".

We got bundled up, grabbed the baby jogger, and took off. I meant to do about 30 minutes, but Dan nodded off about 10 minutes into the run, and I wanted him to get a little rest, so we kept going.

Down South Street to the end where it meets up with Front Street an back, then looping around a bit. The only drag was that I was running on the sidewalk the whole time to keep Dan out of traffic, and my knees hurt like tarnation after that.

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