Wednesday, September 2, 1998

Connected II

*Connected II*
I love you
and feel you
tight against me in every moment.
Let that passion awaken in you, --
I need you to be right here,
tight against my skin, as my own skin.

I dream of kissing your hair,
of smelling the taste of you,
of remembering the lines of your face,
of your feet,
of your hands,
with my fingers.

Make me alive with your life,
with our life,
with the lives of our unborn children,
make me alive with you,
with the fire and the water of you,
with the cold earth and the hot wind
of you,
with the music and the silence and the spark and the turn of you.

Touch my feet with your feet
and laugh until we can't breath,
and wet each others' cheeks
with the laugh tears,
and take this feeling seriously,
because it is only one that matters,
as close as life,
as death,
as the importance of the sun:
find my hands with your hands,
my fire/water,
and never never lose my hands.
-Tim Allen

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